• Failure to call

    I always mean to be a good father, husband, friend and son but I fail often.
    I managed to go a week without speaking to my Mum.
    She was OK about it when I did finally call but I still felt like the worst son ever.

  • Run down

    I saw an ad on the back of a bus for a pick-me-up tonic.
    The ad was pretty terrible but the headline was great and spoke directly to me.
    ‘Are you tired of feeling tired?’
    I must find something to help me stop feeling so low and achy all of the time.

  • Underestimation

    My wife called me at work with news of the Dagus.
    ‘You know the sides of that box/tray thing you made?’
    ‘…Yes’ I replied hesitantly.
    ‘They’re not high enough’.
    ‘What do you mean?’
    ‘They’ve worked out how to throw their poo over it!’
    I laughed at their ingenuity but my wife wasn’t so impressed.

  • The Huffington post placement

    My eldest is loving it.
    Her work colleagues are funny and kind and they’re actually giving her some real work to do.
    She’s always loved writing and this experience has just cemented her desire to be a writer or journalist.
    She’s buzzing with excitement and I’m just as happy for her as she is.

  • Box for the dagus

    The two dagus that my wife and I were conned into are actually very easy pets to look after.
    They are placid and sweet animals.

    They do tend to throw their poo out of their cage though.
    Good for their hygene but bad for ours.
    My wife asked me to build a tray to go under their cage with built up sides so all their mess stays off the floor.
    Fair enough really.
    I drove to B&Q and bought two weights of MDF and, after getting home, set to work.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find my electric saw and had to use a rusty old traditional one.
    It took me ages to cut the four pieces to size and the edges were a bit iffy in places.
    Still, after nailing and gluing the cut pieces of MDF together, it looked pretty good.
    I enjoy doing this sort of thing but never find the time or reason to do it.

  • Little girl makes the Netball squad!

    My eleven-year-old tried out for her school Netball squad.
    Like my son’s school, St Albans is proud of it’s sporting achievements and has several squads per sport.
    My little girl, despite coming from a very small junior school with no grounds and few sporting facilities, made it onto the B team!

  • Huffington post

    As part of her prize for winning this years Bernard Levin award, my eldest was offered a two week internship at the Huffington Post.
    The Huffington Post in an international on-line digital newspaper.
    My eldest had scheduled her two-week stint to fall on the last few weeks of her Summer break.
    On the morning of her first day though, she got surprisingly nervous.
    ‘You’ll be fine’, I told her.
    She turned up early and, after a couple of coffees, walked in through their London office doors.

  • School football team

    I was surprised when my son decided to try out for his school football team.
    He doesn’t really care for physical activities but was encouraged to try out by one of his PE teachers.
    His school takes sport very seriously and has several teams for every sport.
    They have six football teams for A to F.
    My son was pleased to be on the D team.
    On the morning of his first match though he turned to me as I was driving him to School.
    ‘Please don’t let us lose!’ he said.
    I just smiled and told him that it didn’t matter as long as he did his best.
    Later on I turned up early to watch.
    He needn’t have worried.
    His team won: 10-0!

  • Dad’s solo trip to India

    My Father wanted to visit his younger brother for his birthday.
    He worries about him, especially as, now everyone else has left, he effectively lives alone.
    Although I initially offered to drive him to the airport, I find myself looking after my younger children and have to let him down.
    My Dad’s fine about it and insists he can just take a taxi but I still feel crappy about it.
    Luckily, one of his good friends steps up and, despite the early time, drives him door to door.
    I’m not sure who’s more grateful though; me or my Dad?
    Next time he goes, I’ll invite myself along as official luggage wallah.

  • Boy’s second Dame Alice Owen exam

    My son had his second set of exams a week after the first.
    We knew the drop off and collection procedure this time, so were much more relaxed.
    I dropped him with a hug and a kiss and wished him luck as he wandered off towards the main hall.
    I collected him several hours later and, although disheveled, he looked happy enough.
    ‘How’d it go?’, I asked him.
    ‘Alright’, ha shrugged in response.


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