• Running in fields

    I’ve been running for over a week and I’m already getting better.
    More interestingly, I’m also less self conscious.

  • Awesome!

    My friend has built himself a replica 80’s style video arcade machine.
    He’s always been clever with computers, so I wasn’t impressed or surprised by the selection of games.
    Gauntlet, Joust, Dig-dug etc.
    It was the actual cabinet that impressed me.
    He made it.
    Nice lines, painted black and finished off with silver trim.
    It didn’t take much to persuade me to play.
    It had been years since I’d been on one of these machines and I’d pretty much forgotten all about the games.
    That said, as soon as I started playing Dig-dug, I knew exactly which way to go and how to beat the dragons.
    Weird how memory works.

  • Blackberries

    The bushes in the fields behind our house are full of delicious blackberries.
    I eat handfuls of them, straight from the bushes, every morning when I’m walking the dog.

  • Cousins in the park

    My eldest organised her Nan to bring her three other grandchildren and to meet her, her sister and brother in a small park local to us.
    I got back from work early and wandered down to collect my three.
    They were all sitting around a wooden bench eating ice-cream from the nearby park café.
    All six of them were having fun and I joined them in a kickabout while their Nan had a rest.
    I always love seeing all the cousins together and, despite being almost a decade older than the others, my eldest joined in the fun.
    They’d already been there for over an hour but everyone was so happy, we stayed another hour after I’d arrived.
    Everyone had good fun, exercise and ice-cream.
    I was proud of my eldest for organizing it.

  • Student finance 2014-2015

    Another year and yet more intrusive questions from the government regarding my income in concern of my eldest’s grant.
    Annoying and unfair.

  • Out with the old

    My eldest still needed to collect the remainder of her stuff from old flat.
    She offered to help me but I guessed that I’d need all the room in the car I had.
    It was a Friday, so I drove up to town at around 7.30pm
    I knocked, just in case her ex-flatmate was there but she didn’t answer and I let myself in.
    It felt a bit weird letting myself into her shared flat but what choice did I have?
    My daughter’s boyfriend had thankfully bagged everything up for my but it still took me eight trips up and down from the 3rd floor before I’d taken everything.
    On the third trip, my daughter’s ex-flatmate emerged from her room.
    She caught me by surprise and I jumped when I saw her.
    Still, she was polite and kept out of my way as I scurried backwards and forwards.
    It was 10.30pm by the time I was ready to leave and I finally got home at 11.30pm.
    Emptying the car only took about ten minutes though and I was in bed before midnight.

  • Eldest’s new flat

    My eldest asked me to drive her up to town to see inside her new flat and to measure for curtains.
    Her first flat was just a two room student flat.
    Good but utilitarian.
    Her second flat was modernistic but a bit flashy and shared by three students.
    Her third flat though, seems more like a starter home for her and her fiancé.
    I liked it. It was clean, safe seeming and overlooks a park.
    I think she’ll be happy there.

  • How to train your dragon 2

    Just for fun, I took my Mum, my son, both my daughters and my eldest’s boyfriend to the movies.
    The kids wanted to see ‘How to train your dragon: 2’ and my Mum was happy to come along.
    Considering it was a sequel, it wasn’t half bad.
    The animated cast had grown from early to late teens and as such, relationships had changed/evolved.
    People say that ‘cinema is dead’ but I still love the feeling of going on an outing.
    Despite the over priced cola and popcorn.

  • Big lad

    My eldest's boyfriend is a big lad.
    A nice but big, ex-rugby paying twenty-year-old.
    Well over six feet tall and more than fifteen stone.
    He’s not thoughtless, clumsy or rough, just big.
    One evening, when he sat down on one of the wooden, folding patio chairs, it made an ominous cracking sound and listed sideways.
    He got up, appologised and tried another…
    Another crack and another broken chair.
    To be fair, they had been sitting outside, exposed to the weather, for a couple of years.
    Still, the rest of us took great joy in teasing him whenever he tried to sit down anywhere for the next couple of weeks.

  • Third refusal

    On Friday, after everyone had explained, ordered and begged for him to eat, he did.
    And then he made himself sick on the floor.
    Not really sick.
    Pantomime sick.
    But really on the floor.


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