• How to train your dragon 2

    Just for fun, I took my Mum, my son, both my daughters and my eldest’s boyfriend to the movies.
    The kids wanted to see ‘How to train your dragon: 2’ and my Mum was happy to come along.
    Considering it was a sequel, it wasn’t half bad.
    The animated cast had grown from early to late teens and as such, relationships had changed/evolved.
    People say that ‘cinema is dead’ but I still love the feeling of going on an outing.
    Despite the over priced cola and popcorn.

  • Big lad

    My eldest's boyfriend is a big lad.
    A nice but big, ex-rugby paying twenty-year-old.
    Well over six feet tall and more than fifteen stone.
    He’s not thoughtless, clumsy or rough, just big.
    One evening, when he sat down on one of the wooden, folding patio chairs, it made an ominous cracking sound and listed sideways.
    He got up, appologised and tried another…
    Another crack and another broken chair.
    To be fair, they had been sitting outside, exposed to the weather, for a couple of years.
    Still, the rest of us took great joy in teasing him whenever he tried to sit down anywhere for the next couple of weeks.

  • Third refusal

    On Friday, after everyone had explained, ordered and begged for him to eat, he did.
    And then he made himself sick on the floor.
    Not really sick.
    Pantomime sick.
    But really on the floor.

  • Second refusal

    The next day, I tried bribery.
    We were planning to play a game after dinner but my son was still just playing with his food.
    Cutting it up and rearranging it around his plate like an easy jigsaw puzzle.
    ‘I’ve set up the game in the other room. Join us as soon as you’ve finished’. I told him after everyone else had finished.

    He didn’t manage to join us.

  • First refusal

    My boy has always been a fussy eater but it’s getting worse and worse.
    On Wednesday, he refused to eat his dinner.
    He eat some of his vegetables (green beans) but none of his mashed potatoes or lamb chop.
    I ‘encouraged’ him but his mother acquiesced.
    I was annoyed by being undermined but I was proper cross when she handed him a sugary jam doughnut as he walked past her in the kitchen.
    ‘But he was hungry’, was her defence.

  • Family fun

    Most evenings now, after dinner, my children and I play a board game outside on the back patio.
    Sometimes my eldest’s boyfriend joins us.
    So far we’ve played:
    King of Tokyo
    And Scrabble
    It may seem a bit nerdy but it’s a great activity to share with the family.
    All of us happily sitting outside, enjoying the warm evening, chatting and laughing.
    I guess it should make me feel old, sitting around with four youngsters but somehow it feels quite the reverse.

  • Root canal

    Unwilling to suffer any more pain or lost sleep, my wife booked an emergency appointment with her dentist.
    Annoyingly for 9am in Potters Bar.
    Fifteen minutes before our son had to be at his Tennis camp in Hadley Wood.
    Half-an-hour before our youngest daughter had to be at her Netball camp in St Albans.
    I dropped my wife at the dentist before racing to drop our daughter at St Albans and then back home to drop our son at Tennis.
    Amazingly, I got my little girl to her club on time and my son was only half-an-hour late.
    He didn’t mind though.
    He hates the warm-up.

  • Fairy vs spider

    As I was driving along, I noticed a Dandelion seed caught in spider’s web on car mirror.
    The wind soon caught it and it flew backwards.
    I was amazed to see that the single strand of spider web held it in place.
    I sped up to see how strong the web was.
    The fragile looking ‘fairy’ tugged against its silk restraint as the wind tried to pull it free.
    This almost invisible, single, silk thread was successfully resisting a 30mph wind!
    I could believe it!
    I pushed the pedal down further.
    The web snapped when I was going a 42mph.
    I was amazed.

  • Tennis for boy

    My son continued with tennis alone, as his sister was doing Netball.
    I was weirdly worried for him, without his sister to protect him.
    He was fine though.
    More than fine.
    I forget that he’s already ten.

  • Netball camp

    St Albans school had organised a weeks netball coaching in their sports fields.
    It was an all day affair, taught and supervised by top English players.
    My little girl did it for three days.
    When I collected her on the first day, I spotted her chatting to a couple of the players/coaches.
    The coaches were young women in their mid-twenties.
    I noticed that they were pretty tall but, as I got closer, I realised how tall they actually were.
    Both women were noticeable taller than me.
    (I still contest that I’m six foot tall.)
    Both were ‘shooters’.
    One was 6’2”, the other was an inch taller at 6’3”
    I forgave them though, as they were both funny and kind to my little girl.
    She’d loved the day and was now determined to try out for the school team.


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