• Boy learns to ride!

    After demanding/asking/pleading with my boy for what seemed like hours, he finally agreed to come out on his sister’s bike with me.
    I took him to a flat, dead ended area of road nearby.
    Initially, I had help him but he knew what he should be doing and soon, he was whizzing back and forth.
    He went from timid to cocky in less than ten minutes.
    'Can we come out again tomorrow?' he asked me eagerly.

  • Rude orthodontist

    I had to take my little girl back for her braces check.
    Her South African orthodontist looked at her teeth and measured the change.
    ‘Have you been wearing your brace?’ he barked.
    She nodded.
    ‘And at night?’ he continued.
    My little girl gave affirmation despite the big hands in her mouth.
    ‘I don’t believe you.’ He spat.
    I objected to his tone and although he modified his manner, he was still rude to my daughter.
    He told her that because of her lack of progress, he’d have to pull out two of her teeth and attach fixed braces.
    He even threatened a head brace for the night!
    My daughter looked at her feet.
    She had been wearing the brace but it was hard and painful to thrust her bottom jaw forward all day long.
    She didn’t cry but was upset when we got out through the door.
    I was a bit angry.
    The orthodontist had been deliberately mean and scare mongering.

  • K’nex

    I managed to find and free various boxes and bags of K’nex from the Summerhouse.
    A click together construction toy.
    My youngest two and I played with it for an hour or so but it’s not as good as Lego.
    After they’d finished though, I felt a compulsion to organise the separate pieces into colours and shapes.
    I got a dozen or so plastic take away boxes and old ice-cream tubs and spent a few hours arranging them into the right order.
    Even I don’t know why I did it.
    I’m so weird!

  • A meal for four

    I took my wife and youngest two for a meal at Pizza express.
    No reason, just for fun.

  • Shedding the old

    Just for a change from emptying the Summerhouse, I tried to sort out the shed.
    It’s a bit of a mess, with a rotten floor and two of the walls rotting from the bottom up.
    Still, I managed to sort out some of my tools and took a load of rusty old paint tins to the dump.
    I found a couple of old TVs in there as well.
    Should I dump them to?
    They still work.
    They’ve even still got their remotes!

  • Boy’s summer concert 2014

    As it took place during the day, I went alone.
    All the school musicians and bands had a slot or two.
    My boy was part of the senior choir and they sang ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.
    The choir was surprisingly large.
    Despite having a good voice, my son only joined because all his friends were members and he had no-one to play with during break.
    The standard was a bit mixed but, overall, it was a pretty impressive attempt at such a difficult song by such young boys.

  • Soon-to-be-son-in-law’s nail biting habit

    My eldest’s boyfriend chews his fingernails from both the tip AND the nail bed.
    One of his fingernails resembles a tiny bridge spanning the gap from one side of the finger to the other.


  • Still trying to clear Summerhouse

    It’s been over seven years of trying now.
    I've promised my little girl, she'll be able to use it this Summer.

  • Second refusal

    My son flat refuses to ride a bike.
    He’s already outgrown his last one without ever mastering it.
    The more I push him though, the more stubborn and angry he gets.
    I have to (somehow) find a solution before his upcoming school trip.

  • Isle of Wight

    My little girl went on her final year, school trip.
    She went to the Isle of Wight for four days and three nights.
    Happy but scared.

    And that was just me!


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