• Ill

    My youngest daughter woke up ill on Monday morning.
    Not surprising really; after her busy weekend.

  • Warhammer

    My son has joined his school Warhammer after school club.
    Warhammer is a strategy battle game using loads of miniature figures.
    Two or more players use their ‘Space marine’ armies to destroy all of their enemies.
    I took him to the local shop on Saturday and he was instantly lost in all the figures and ‘environments’ set out on the central tables.
    He’d brought £40 of his ‘Christmas’ money with him and was working out the best deals he could find.
    He wanted some of the ‘Grey Knights’ sets and found three that he liked.
    He could only afford two of them though as Warhammer figures are shockingly expensive.
    Especially as you consider that they are tiny plastic kits that you glue together and paint yourselves!
    Still it was his money and it’s good that he’s showing an interest in something other than the computer…

  • Out all weekend

    My youngest daughter was up early on Saturday morning for a Lacrosse match at 9am in St Albans.
    After that, I drove her to Southgate for her hour-and-a-half Gymnastics season at noon.
    Then, after a quick lunch, she went to one of her friend’s houses for a party and sleepover back in St Albans.
    Sunday lunchtime, I collected her before taking her (after lunch) to the Enfield Multiplex cinema to see another group of her new school friends.
    After that, she went back to one of those friend’s houses for diner, leaving me to collect her at 8.30pm.
    I got her back through our front door just after 9pm.
    She was pretty much out from 9am Saturday morning to 9pm Sunday night.
    No wonder she’s always so tired!

  • Boy’s St Alban’s interview

    Another all day interview and yet more exams.
    His mother took and collected him.
    He thinks it went Ok.

  • Cat naps

    Our remaining cat sleeps all day.
    She is thirteen though.
    Fair enough then.

  • Vertical limit

    My dog failed to get up the stairs.
    It’s the first time I’ve ever noticed her even struggle.
    She stumbled halfway up but couldn’t turn around due to her size and the narrowness of the stairway.
    She just looked up at me with her sad eyes.
    I forget that she’s nine now.
    Not an old lady yet but no spring chicken either.
    I carried her down and fussed her until she’d recovered her dignity.

  • Human Genome project

    My eldest has been asked to participate in the human Genome project.
    Apparently it’s quite an honour but I’d be more pleased if it wasn’t due to her defectiveness.

  • Cooking lessons

    My twelve-year-old does cookery once-a-week and she loves it.
    ‘I need this stuff for tomorrow morning!’ she asked me at 8pm.
    ‘We’ll have to leave early tomorrow and get it from the mini-market on the way’
    Obviously, she woke late and made herself late.
    We’d be lucky to make the coach, let along do the shopping as well.
    ‘You keep on walking. I’ll get the shopping and meet you at the coach stop’.
    I figured this was our best plan, as she’d at least get to school even if I failed to get the stuff in time.
    I waved her off as I dashed into the shop.
    Rushing around, I managed to get most everything on her list, paid for it and ran to catch up.
    She had a four or five minute lead but, if I ran, I thought I might make it.
    I didn’t spot her but I kept on until I saw the coach stop.
    Some of the other St Albans girls were there but I couldn’t see my daughter.
    Perhaps she was waiting around the corner?
    I crossed over the road to the stop but was alarmed not to find my daughter there.
    I rang her phone but she didn’t answer.
    She must be nearly here, I thought.
    A few minutes later, her coach arrived.
    My daughter still not in sight.
    ‘Can you wait a few moments?’ I asked.
    The coach driver agreed to stay for a bit but his coach was pretty much blocking traffic.
    After about a minute, he looked at me.
    She wasn’t answering her phone and my daughter was still nowhere to be seen.
    I waved the coach goodbye and, worried now, started to walk back the other possible route.
    Just as I got to the corner, I saw her.
    ‘What happened to you!’ I asked peevishly.
    ‘I fell over and hurt myself’ she replied.
    I couldn’t really be angry with that.
    We walked back home together and after she’d cleaned herself up, I drove her to school.
    She missed the first lesson but at least it wasn’t cookery class.

  • Haberdashers interview

    He was called in for an hour or so to ‘chat’ to some members of staff.
    My wife and I were called in for our own personal ‘chat’.
    ‘Your son did very well in the entrance exam’, we were informed by the deputy Head.
    I was thrown by his bluntness. All the girls’ school interviews were very much touchy-feely affairs.
    ‘Er… Thanks’ I responded.
    ‘Are we your first choice?’ he continued.
    ‘Er… Yes’ I responded again.
    ‘And if we were to offer him a place; would he accept it?’ he finished.
    Was this a trick question?
    Ultimately they could only be one answer...
    ‘Definitely’ I said.

  • Radiators

    My Brother-in-law came around to help me fit two replacement radiators in my house.
    One in the living room and the other in the front room.
    Actually, I was the one doing the helping.
    Anything that involves pipes scares me.
    Gas or water.
    He drove me to a local, family run plumbing store, where I bought two new, large radiators.
    Blimey, they were heavy!
    And expensive!
    Back home we drained the old ones, disconnected them and lifted them from the wall brackets.
    These ones were even heavier!
    In the end though the price and effort were worth it.
    The house was instantly warmer and my youngest daughter didn’t need to sleep in her coat.


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