• An 80’s blip

    The Liberal Democrats.
    Isn’t it about time they dropped the ‘Democrat’ part?
    It was just a hyphenation effect of a marriage of convenience to the short lived SDP and has long since lost any meaning.
    As a party, the SDP only lasted seven years.
    A tiny political blip in the hundred-and-sixty-year Liberal history.

  • The dreaded trip

    My son’s trip to Calais was just a one day affair and I drove down to his school to collect him at 10pm that night.
    ‘How was it?’, I asked him as I carried him and his bag to the car.
    ‘Brilliant!’, grinned my contrary boy.

  • Boy goes to France…

    It was just a day trip with his school but my son didn’t want to go.
    He made his standard ‘I feel ill’ attempt but knew I’d make him go anyway.
    After we’d all eaten breakfast, I asked him what time he needed to be at the school.
    Without missing a beat, he replied ‘8.30am’.
    ‘Are you sure?’ I replied.
    ‘Definitely’, he confirmed.
    I wandered into the kitchen and rummaged around for the information letter.

    ‘Please arrive at school no later than 7.45am, as the coach will be leaving promptly at 8am’.
    I looked at my angel-faced son.
    Despite him trying it on, I couldn’t be angry. It was actually a pretty good dodge and done with absolute conviction.

  • School fees

    My boy’s new school sent us a fees letter for the coming September…
    In May!
    Worse, they are ‘offering’ only two ways to pay.
    Monthly or by term.
    Worse still, it HAS to be paid by ‘Direct debit’.

  • Home visit

    I often go around to my friends’ houses but I never have them back to mine.
    My wife asked my why?
    The truth is that whenever I make plans like that, my wife and I usually fall out a day or two before any planned date.
    I’d like to have them around though.

    Should I risk it?

  • Cat to the vet

    Our remaining cat needed her annual jabs, so I gathered her up and wrestled her into her traveling box.
    She hates it, as she knows what it means and where I’m taking her.
    All through the car journey she yowled and mewed.
    It sounded plaintive but I knew what she was really saying.
    ‘Free me human! Free me or you’ll feel my claws of doom!’
    Weirdly, after her injections, she got back in her box easily for the vet and was silent the entire drive home.

  • An afternoon of culture

    My wife couldn’t make the premiere of our son’s first musical composition but I made it.
    The string quartet was made up of the head of music and three of his musician friends.
    Accomplished musicians all.
    Four pieces had been chosen from the year to be performed and my son’s was the third.
    The other boy’s whose work had been chosen were all very musical.
    My son plays guitar and piano but only to grade one level.
    All the pieces were good and I was proud of my son’s.
    I was actually very impressed.
    I wouldn’t be capable of writing music now, let alone when I was just eleven.

  • Boy composer

    My son composed some music in his music class for a string quartet.
    All the boys were splint into pairs and given about a month to come up with something.
    That sounds like a lot but ultimately that only really meant about eight lessons.
    My son was teamed with a boy he got along with but not one of his friends.
    I didn’t know anything about this project until I got a phone call from his music teacher…
    ‘Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your son’s composition has been chosen to be performed by the visiting string quartet tomorrow. Would you be able to come and listen to the performance?’

  • Why did I do that?

    My eldest daughter asked my why I joined the Liberal Democrats.
    I suppose it’s because I believe in hope and change but mostly because I believe in choice.
    After the disaster of the last election, we were left with a Conservative majority.
    The exact opposite of what I’d wanted.
    The Labour party collapsed under the possibility of a Labour/SNP coalition and the Liberal Democrats lost out due to tactical voting and anger.
    Currently, we have a one-party state.
    If the Labour party can pull themselves back together and make headway into Scotland, we’ll have the traditional two-party system back.
    As far as I’m concerned though, that’s still two or three parties too few.
    I like coalitions.
    I like the fact that no one group or individual has control of the nation.
    The argument against this situation is that no major changes could ever be made by such a government.
    I see that as a good thing as almost all major changes made by a government seem to adversely affect the people.
    I prefer my government be constrained into taking baby steps along the middle of the road.
    The road that supports all the people, not just the ones on the far right or far left.

  • The problem with joining clubs

    The Liberal Democrat Party keeps emailing me asking for donations of time and/or money.
    I was only trying to show them some support after their crushing defeat.


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